Portfolio redesign
Portfolio Redesign
Gatsby, Tailwind, GraphQL

I'm redesigning this portfolio site with Gatsby, TailwindCSS, and GraphQL. Click below for a preview:

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Gatsby blog
Technical Blog
GatsbyJS, Tailwind, GraphQL

Markdown blog with technical posts built with GatsbyJS and GraphQL, deployed to Netlify

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Wordpress blog
Nomadic Nobodies
Wordpress, CSS

Custom blog built with Wordpress featuring masonry grid layout, Google Maps API, and subscription form with email integration

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SpaceX data
SpaceX Data
Gatsby, Tailwind, SpaceX API

This webpage displays rocket and launch data from a SpaceX API using React hooks, Gatsby, and TailwindCSS

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Photography portfolio
Photography Portfolio
HTML, TailwindCSS

Responsive Photography website with a dropdown menu and masonry grid layout for photos with hover animation

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React pizza
React Pizza
React, CSS

Ecommerce website for Pizzeria using React, hooks and styled-components

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tailwind blog
Tailwind Blog
HTML, TailwindCSS

Responsive blog template built with TailwindCSS

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flash cards app
Flash Cards

Flash Cards application with animated background using CSS keyframes

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Lyrics Search app
Bootstrap, Javascript, API

Find the lyrics of your favorite songs using this application built with vanilla Javascript and lyrics.ovh API

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travel agency webpage

Travel agency landing page built with Materialize featuring full-width slider and search option

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Photo Search app
React, Tailwind, API

Search for high-quality photos using this application, uses Pixabay API for search requests and fetching images

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Landing page
Landing Page

Business landing page built with the CSS framework SemanticUI

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Business landing page

Business theme built with MaterializeCSS features a landing page, services section and signup form

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Realty webpage
CSS grid, Sass

Realty landing page built with CSS grid and Sass

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hangman game

Play a game of Hangman using this application built with ReactJS

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science project webpage
Science Project

Website built with Bootstrap for Science Project featuring Model Rockets

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todo list app
Todo List App

Simple Todo List app built using ReactJS

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video blog
Materialize Blog

Travel blog template built using Google's Materialize CSS

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